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How do I know if I have nail fungus?

It is very difficult to tell if your nail is just damaged or if you have a nail infection without laboratory testing.  Fungal infections of the nail often occur as a result of nail damage.  Restoranail will kill the fungus and help your nail to heal and grow out.  It can take up to one year for a toenail to totally grow out and be clear of the signs of infection.

Do I have to file my nails before applying Restoranil?

Restoranail is a simple once-a-day application, no filing is necessary but it is recommended that any loose debris or nail materials be removed prior to use with nail clippers.

How does Restoranail work

Restoranail is a unique and patented polymer formulation which covers and protects the affected nails.  The invisible film is waterproof but breathable, and it eliminates the moist conditions in which fungi like to grow.  Essentially the fungi are starved of their food source.

Is Restoranail absorbed into the body?

No Restoranail is not absorbed into the body.  It works topically and externally to eradicate the fungi that cause nail infections.

Do I need to remove the product from my nail before applying every day?

No, you only need to clean the affected nails with normal nail polish remover once a week.  However, you can clean the nails more frequently if desired.  

How often do I need to apply Restoranail?

Restoranail should be applied once daily.  You need only apply a very THIN layer to the nail and surface as well as the nail tip.  One dip will cover up to 10 affected nail.  Nail polish can be applied after the application of Restoranail  has dried.  Nail Polish should be removed prior to applying Restoranail.

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